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...including our parent testimonials
“My child had all kinds of new meaningful experiences, related to both content (e.g., learning concrete things about safety, animals, space, etc.) and to social development, for example, about how to interact with friends, handle anger and frustration, and be patient about waiting for her turn.”
“Teachers were helpful when my child had minor conflicts with other children and introduced new ways for my child to deal with such conflicts.”
“Our child has become more comfortable in social situations. He has also become better at controlling his temper and reactions to situations that are not the way he would like them to be.”
“Our daughter has blossomed socially at Jean Lyle and has forged many great friendships. She is more confident in peer groups than before she started at Jean Lyle.”
“I can say that I watched my child mature over the course of the school year, as he comes home with new and exciting ideas, songs and problem solving skills. He also has new peer/friendship skills and loves his teachers! I feel great knowing he is getting a well rounded experience that completely prepares him for his next phase in life. Thanks!”
“Jean Lyle perfectly balances its emphasis on social, emotional, and academic development, with teachers who are incredibly dedicated, talented, perceptive, and nurturing. We especially love the emphasis on child–centered, play–based learning. And Mr. Hainlen’s music program is the icing on the cake. Our child is absolutely 100% prepared for kindergarten, thanks to Jean Lyle.”
“I have seen (my child) develop a new curiosity and he constantly surprises me with his reasoning and logic. I have also seen a new level of his ability to focus. I also really notice the healthy play and friendships he has developed at school.”
“My son blossomed while at JL! The consistent support he received in learning how to make friends gave him a confidence boost that will help him for years to come.”
“My children have gained confidence in themselves, clearly exhibited when they are with friends or in the classroom after JLCC. Who doesn’t want that for their children?!?”
“The confidence piece is huge as that’s been very beneficial for our child individually but also for our family in whole. Great, great, great environment for child development.”
“...we’ve seen so much growth in our little girl’s skills and confidence. I don’t think she would be where she is without that positive encouragement and excitement. I was so worried about her confidence because she was very aware of her ‘unpolished’ abilities but she’s so proud now we couldn’t be happier. We don’t want to lose that and with the help of the JLCC staff I know it won’t be lost.”
“She loves her school, and we love knowing she’s in a safe, nurturing environment where she’s challenged daily both emotionally and academically and also valued for being a child unique unto herself.”
“The culture carefully has been crafted to take the ages of the children into consideration and provide them a safe structure to learn and explore.”
“I think Jean Lyle’s strength truly lies in their teachers and their ability to make each child feel secure and safe which allows them to express themselves and develop the confidence they need to continue in their development. It is the one school where the children are heard and hear each other because they are taught to respect themselves and each other. This in turn allows all of the children to shine.”
“The breadth of the curriculum and focus on play based learning has been instrumental in motivating and engaging our children as well as instilling a love for learning.”
“Most recently, it’s been fun watching her nurture her “soy baby.” Not only is she learning about plants and nature, but she’s getting a little sense of what goes into taking care of something small and fragile – perfect timing since she’s expecting a new sibling soon!”
“Word of mouth was very positive. During our pre–enrollment tours and visits, we collectively were blown away with the operation and interactions between teachers and children. It’s clearly a caring, supportive environment with well–planned, intentional activities perfect for young children.”
“I student taught at JLCC and knew that when I had children that I wanted my children to go there.”
“We had heard about the program at Jean Lyle, but the experience was greater than our expectations. It is truly a wonderful, nurturing environment for pre–school children AND their families. We all formed what I hope to be lifelong friendships.”
“Heard such wonderful things from other parents and then when we went and toured the site, it gave me such a warm feeling. You could tell the children love it there and the teachers love what they do and the kids they work with.”
“The main factor for us was a sense of fit: it just felt like a place where our particular child would feel comfortable. Class size and teacher–child ratio are big parts of that.”
“The staff and the environment they foster have done nothing but enrich, encourage and support my children as they grow in their academic knowledge and social development. Positive reinforcement, fun learning style and hands on experiences. Amazing teachers!”
“The devotion and love for the children that the teachers have is shown in all the ways that they carry out their work. Each teacher does their very best to connect with each child to promote social, emotional and academic readiness.”
“The relationship with the teachers was incredible and the personal confidence that helped foster is truly a gift.”
“Our child’s teachers have been unfailingly kind to him. It’s obvious that they actually listen to him and love him as an individual human being. He feels respected and wanted at school, and no one there ever makes him feel ashamed of making mistakes or panicked over small things (a forgotten secret sack, a complete and total lack of drawing skills). That’s all that really matters to me.”
“His teachers are brave..., creative, competent, and kind––which is more or less what we hope our child is growing up to be.”
“Music was an awesome experience for my child. Mr. Hainlen is absolutely wonderful. The songs he taught them are amazing. My child looked forward to Tuesdays every week!”
“The Music feature has been excellent! We have loved hearing the songs and enjoyed watching our son teach them to anyone who will listen!”
“The music program is excellent. Mr. Hainlen is an excellent musician, performer and teacher and has a gentle way with children. He reminds me of Mr. Rogers. JL understands the importance of music, the enrichment, the joy. We have bought all Mr. Hainlen’s CDs and enjoy singing the songs in the car.”
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