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for 4 1/2 to 5 year olds
...including our parent testimonials
Jean Lyle Pre–K/Kindergarten provides a small class size with low teacher/student ratio (1:6). In addition to preparing children for all–day kindergarten as well as first grade, the program provides an environment where children learn to respect themselves and others, manage conflict, further develop attention spans and increase their curiosity about the larger world.
“I feel like the teachers set the example for respecting and enjoying that company of others in the classroom and the children have taken those qualities and flourished. I never hear negative talk about other children and he has been more kind to his younger brother, as well as other children in the community. I feel like the teachers have been integral in shaping my son into a better person.”
“The children were constantly put into different groups, helping them to get along with everyone and develop strong bonds. Issues and conflicts were seen as learning opportunities and handled very well.”
“Our child’ is an entirely different girl than when she started at JLCC two years ago. She is now confident, outgoing, and eager and able to make friends.”
“She developed a strong sense of herself in this school community through the sharing activities that happened in so many of the units. I could tell that a lot of ideas were being explored, and Deep Thoughts being considered. The experiences were formal and informal, and I enjoyed seeing her try, succeed, and sometimes just wrestle with social questions and situations this year.”
“The academic growth is so sneaky! The club meetings pack in a lot of instruction in a short period of time, but not in a way that makes the children feel pressured. And they do perform at a high level.”
“The children were constantly exposed to academic opportunities, but things were so well integrated that it was always a fun experience. In addition, there was no academic pressure.”
“Our son was empowered in teaching us about various subjects that he was learning in school.”
“In terms of your curriculum, please don’t change a thing. I’ve been an educator for 11 years and have never been so impressed with the quality of a curriculum. (Our child) was so excited about every book that was taken home, every opportunity to create, every chance to participate (even in classroom jobs), and every opportunity to share.”
“The activities to do at home and share back at school were extremely popular with my child. She just beamed on her day to bring something special home and could not wait to share with her peers the next day. We liked reading the other students entries as well. The daily meeting and jobs were also very important to my child. She liked the sense of routine and the fairness of everyone getting a turn at each job. It also helped us emphasize the importance of doing your job at home, and how it takes help from everyone to make things run smoothly (at home and at school!). The take home activities were especially fun for our family because we were able to work and have fun together.”
“The teachers are wonderful listeners and know when and how to dispense advice that makes parenting go more smoothly – and CALMLY. Just walking in the door you can sense the great wisdom these teachers hold from their years of experience both as teachers and as parents.”
“I feel like the teachers have been integral in shaping my son into a better person.”
“The teachers also made me feel welcome and like my child was a valued member of the classroom community. We cannot think of better people to nurture our child.”
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