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3 Day Morning Teachers
Missy McDonald, Carolyn Neve, Chrissy Snider



5 Day Morning Teachers
Donna Strom, Chrissy Snider, Shannan Marsnik, Lisa Hambidge, Cindy Brush



3 Day Afternoon Teachers
Lisa Hambidge, Donna Strom, Carolyn Neve



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Michele Ford, Missy McDonald, Shannan Marsnik



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Lisa Pettigrew


Deep Roots In Education

Jean Lyle Children’s Center has 12 full and part time staff members, including licensed and college trained professionals with extensive experience in early childhood education. These teachers have taught a combined 140 years at Jean Lyle, showing remarkable stability and community.

Each program (3–day, 5–day and Kindergarten) has a team leader who works closely with the children and team members in a caring, supportive environment. Our team leaders have deep roots in Early Childhood and Family Education (ECFE), public and private school systems, day care and county human services. Eleven of these teachers are parents of a total of 24 children who attended Jean Lyle.

In addition to our education training and scholarship, we hold degrees in psychology, human development, economics, interior design, family social sciences, theater, English literature, music and law.

Our core staff hosts local college students from early childhood education programs, both as participants and observers.

Staff’s Interests Branch Out

Part of what makes Jean Lyle Children’s Center such a vibrant place is our staff’s wealth of interests. One of us has written a children’s book. Another has created play spaces for playgrounds and museums. Some act in community theater; others sing in church choirs. We all read extensively. We travel. And some, like our students, love to “play in the dirt” (garden!).

Teachers Delight as Children Take Flight

Not only do we enjoy teaching, we truly honor children:

“One of my favorite things is just chatting with the kids as they work on a project at the idea table. What stories they can tell while they are creating!”

“We take children seriously and respect them for who they are.”

“My four kids attended Jean Lyle. They all graduated and I got to stay!”

“I enjoy the camaraderie, the community, the challenge and those ‘light bulb’ moments.”

“I adore singing and chatting with the children. They continue to be wonderful companions for my life journey.”

“Children live and operate in the present. It is joyous to watch their friendships and social skills develop as they play and learn.”

“Early childhood is an important formative time for both children and parents. I feel privileged to be a part of their journey.”

The Jean Lyle Children’s Center involves efforts of qualified professional staff, interested parents and college students from departments of education and psychology. Staff, families and students work together to nurture these young people in this child–centered world filled with meaningful educational experiences. In these environments each child will be supervised within sight and sound of staff at all times.

Final Note:

All staff and volunteers undergo a criminal background check.

The staff includes college trained, licensed and experienced teachers.

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