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Kindergarten nurtures children’s love for learning as well as their social skills, independence, community membership and academic progress. Smaller and more structured than our preschool classes, this class works well for children with well–developed attention spans who are ready to move into more defined project work. Our goal is to meet children where they are and provide engaging and developmentally appropriate opportunities for them to move forward on the social, emotional and cognitive continuums. This is possible due to our small class size, teacher: student ratio, and ability to adjust our curriculum to meet the needs of our students. Our program offers the “gift of time” and may serve as a pre–K readiness program for those with summer and fall birthdays who plan to attend an all day kindergarten the following year. It can also provide a nurturing, confidence building, academically appropriate environment for those planning to move on to first grade.

This class is for children who will be at least 4.5 by September 1. Kindergarten admission is dependent upon teacher recommendation and consideration of age and developmental readiness for the program. Current Jean Lyle students who will not be 5 by September 1 will need to provide a recommendation from their preschool teachers. Children new to Jean Lyle Children’s Center will need to have our assessment form filled out by their current school and visit our kindergarten class.

From our Kindergarten Teacher

Once I was in the Sunshine Room with a group of children who were painting. It was spring and we were talking about plants growing and I asked, “What does it take for a plant to grow?” The answers were the predictable “air”, “water”, “sun”, “dirt”. Then Angela piped up and excitedly said, “and time”. It was a light bulb moment.

The Jean Lyle Kindergarten provides a developmentally appropriate environment giving children what they need to grow. In this busy, hurried world where children are expected to perform according to timetables, it gives them the opportunity to build the emotional, social, and cognitive foundation they need to thrive for the rest of their lives. It gives them the educational equivalents of air and water and sun and dirt. But most importantly, it gives them the gift of time.

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