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What is your teacher/child ratio?
6 (six) children per 1 (one) teacher
What is your class size?
3 DAY AM & PM Maximum enrollment: 24 students/4 teachers
5 DAY AM Maximum enrollment: 27 students/4 teachers
KINDERGARTEN Maximum enrollment: 18 students/3 teachers
Are other adults in the classroom?
Every year we welcome students from Northwestern to enter the classroom as early education students who complete their practicum here. We have also maintained a close relationship with Macalester College since Jean Lyle Children’s Center grew out of the lab school on that campus and we are fortunate to have energetic, bright and eager individuals spend time with our children as part of a work study program.
Parents are welcome and encouraged to visit the classroom and spend time with their child, particularly on birthdays or other days that work for the family. We also benefit from parents who bring their special area of expertise into the classroom and have enjoyed up–close, age appropriate activities such as visiting with paramedics, firefighters, and dentists, for example.
When do the children go outside?
Our younger children often go outside on a specific day of the week at the end of the school day. Weather permitting (not less than 20 degrees) and depending on the energy of the children. Since we have a 2 hour day much of our time is spent on activities and learning indoors. We do enjoy spending time outside on those beautiful spring and fall days as well as the wonderful snowy days in winter.
Do we offer tuition assistance?
We apply for grants to support need–based scholarships which are awarded as available. Every year we offer work in exchange for tuition assistance. Responsibilities include office and snack helper, school cleaning, and newsletter. For those with financial need, we offer longer–term payment options. Please see our Program Manager or Director for details.
Do we offer EARLY enrollment?

It is a Jean Lyle Children’s Center policy to accept children into our program who are 3 (3 Day AM & PM) or 4 (3 Day PM and 5Day) by September 1st of the school year they will attend. However, we have made exceptions to this policy on a case-by-case basis with the following considerations:

Early enrollment will be considered in our mixed-age, 3 Day PM program for 3 and 4 year old children if the child meets the following criteria:

  • Child is potty trained


  • Child is developmentally prepared for enrollment-this will be determined by a class visit and consultation with the family


  • Family understands that the child will not necessarily be eligible for early enrollment in the St. Paul Public Schools or other schools with a September 1st cutoff

  • Child will enter program once they have turned 3, not before. In some cases it may be best to enroll in January following their 3rd birthday.

  • Family understands that early enrollment may necessitate a minimum of 3 years enrollment at JLCC prior to being accepted into St. Paul Public Schools. The sequence of programs may vary. For instance, the child may attend 2 years in the 3 Day PM program, followed by 1 year in JLCC Kindergarten. Or, 1 year in 3 Day PM, 1 year in 5 Day AM and 1 year in Kindergarten. Enrollment into any of our programs will be based on readiness and recommendation of the Jean Lyle teaching staff.

Early enrollment in our 3 Day AM program is rare and if offered, it is late in the year prior to the beginning of school. Space is offered as a priority to children who meet the minimum age requirements. Child will also need to meet criteria outlined above.

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