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The concepts of family, multiple and varied talents of individuals, and cultural diversity are present in much of the curriculum and activities at Jean Lyle Children’s Center. As these concepts are explored with our preschoolers and kindergartners, opportunities are created for family members to contribute their time and talents. We list below examples of these opportunities both in and out of the classroom that many parents have found workable and which the JLCC staff find very valuable:

Involvement In the Classroom

Contributing healthful snacks for snack time

Spending a morning or afternoon in class with your child –this is very popular. Students love these visits as they show off their parents and show their parents all they can do!

Sharing a favorite hobby or area of special interest. Parents have brought musical instruments, collections, puppets, pets, etc.!

Relating knowledge, relics, stories (myths, legends), food, language, etc. from other cultures. We have found grandparents to be valuable resources in this area.

Involvement Outside the Classroom

In addition, because Jean Lyle Children’s Center is totally dependent on tuition and fund raising for existence, parents are encouraged to participate in several fund raising efforts throughout the year.

Some of the fund raising efforts and parent support activities include:

•  T–Shirt Sales –our one of a kind, keepsake t–shirt, sweatshirts, aprons & caps with self portraits of our children and staff
•  Open House & Holiday Party Planning, Preparation & Clean Up
•  Take Home projects such as mending, art tasks, book repair
•  Spring Planter Sales
•  Spring Clean Up–Join us as we spruce up the school each Spring
•  Book donation
•  Field Trips–provide extra hands as needed
•  Scholastic book sales
•  Event Planning –Mr. Jim concert, Moms & Muffins/Dads & Donuts, End of Year Picnics
•  Fund raising efforts include: box tops, bake sale, Target’s Take Charge of Education and our Annual Fund drive

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