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Jean Lyle’s philosophy about early childhood education still guides the principles on which JLCC was founded. Jean explained to students and parents that a good preschool supplies things which may be difficult to provide at home:

•  A group of children of the child's own age with whom your child can play
•  Supervision by professionally qualified adults
•  An environment in which the furniture and equipment are scaled to the size and age of the child.

Moreover, a good preschool will strengthen and extend the experience and training you are providing your child at home. Among the objectives for the Children’s Center are:

•  To encourage children to respond and communicate with other people
•  To help each child gain independence and adequacy in routine tasks
•  To enhance their skills in using and controlling the body
•  To increase comprehension of ideas and ability to express them
•  To help each child find and develop his or her own talents
•  To help each child grow in respect for self and others, including other cultures
•  To strengthen the transition from home care to school routine for parents and children
•  To help each child find satisfaction in learning to live with him/herself and others


Here we experience the world of childhood through an emergent curriculum and developmentally appropriate activities located in interest centers throughout the school. The interest centers are relevant to the needs, interests and capabilities of children aged three through six. These activities increase their curiosity, creative thinking abilities and confidence.

Jean Lyle Children’s Center is fully licensed by the State of Minnesota Department of Children, Families and Learning. We are also a preferred site for area colleges and universities, including Northwestern, University of MN and Macalester for student teachers and educational observation.

Play is a very important part of this program. Play is the young child’s way of reaching out to learn about the world around him. In preschool he finds simple toys and materials and has uninterrupted periods of free play time in which to enjoy chosen activities.

With paints, paper, modeling dough and blocks children are encouraged to work out ideas in their own way. Stories, poems, finger puppet plays, music, science and puzzles add to the interest of the day. When the weather permits, a part of the child’s day is spent in outdoor play.

This may be a child’s first opportunity to expand their world of people and ideas. Learning to adjust to others, having confidence in adults other than parents, and developing independence and originality are all part of the Jean Lyle experience. We understand that there are times when a child shall be allowed to work things out themselves and other times when a child needs help in solving problems.

“It is our goal to provide a free and relaxed atmosphere in which the child can have creative and satisfying experiences in this child–sized world.” –Jean Lyle

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