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Afternoon Extended Day and Early Drop-off options are available daily. Contact Lisa Pettigrew or Shannan Marsnik for details. (651) 646-9603 or


All Jean Lyle classes are taught by experienced, dedicated teachers who love children and are committed to providing an environment which allows them to form trusting relationships with other adults, develop a positive attitude toward school, experience the give and take of group membership, become more independent, and appreciate individuality in themselves and others. Our classes are designed to facilitate the education of the whole child, to nurture the social and emotional development of young children while inspiring their creativity and providing developmentally appropriate opportunities for cognitive growth. Children discover their world through play. Our classes provide the setting, both in large and small groups, for sharing ideas, practicing problem solving, enjoying the friendship of others and building confidence. Academic activities and technical skills are woven into theme based units designed to engage and challenge. Students have time each day for a variety of play activities and creative opportunities in our ‘big room’, gym and art (Sunshine) room.

All classes have the goals of nurturing social and emotional development; developing and inspiring creativity; providing opportunities for cognitive development and problem-solving skills; and learning to initiate ideas, develop, and reflect on them. Children are challenged to develop language and math skills and to take risks with beginning writing skills.


The Children’s Center operates in a church building where classes meet in 2 large areas (Gym and ‘Big Room’) as well as our art studio (Sunshine Room) and smaller ‘Club Rooms’:

GYM/ Large Motor Activity & Interest Centers: 3 Day AM and 3 Day PM classes begin their day in this room that includes all of the interest centers as well as large motor development equipment.

Big Room/Art Studio (Sunshine Room) and Interest Centers: 5 Day AM and Kindergarten classes begin their day in this room, through which our art studio is accessible.
Both rooms are enjoyed by all of our classes as part of the structure of each day, allowing children time with large motor opportunities as well as our art studio activities.

Club Rooms: We also use 3 smaller areas, called Club Rooms, where some classes break into smaller groups for more focused learning opportunities.  Children also enjoy the 'secret sack' -our take home bag that returns to school with a special item that children bring from home to share with their schoolmates.

Outdoors: Our outdoor play area is used for free choice and exploration when weather permits. It includes climbing structures, a play house, a large sand play area and open space.


for Developmentally Appropriate Activities

Sunshine Room: Sensory tables, paint easels and playdoh are regular features of the art studio. General art materials are always available. A special medium or project is offered each day. Art activities lay the foundation for successfully handling tools and developing motor ability. A child’s creative abilities are explored and challenged and feelings of worth grow with success in art projects which also aid a child in reading and writing readiness and concept formation.

Dramatic Play Centers: The playhouse and dress up clothes are always areas for dramatic play. Children are encouraged to use their imagination while relating successfully with others and learn more about their world and the people in it. We model cultural awareness in these areas.

Literacy Center: Activities which develop a broad foundation for success in verbal communication, vocabulary development, left to right orientation, writing skills and reading readiness are available daily.

Science: The scientific process is introduced through prediction, observation, experimentation, and recording information. We provide activities which offer children an opportunity to observe and appreciate the plant and animal world.

Music: Activities in music awareness, listening and performing, body movements, dance rhythm, playing simple musical instruments, singing and exposure to various types of music for enjoyment and simple understanding are offered by our teachers and our music specialist.

Math: Activities are planned weekly which provide concrete, hands–on experience with numbers and concepts, learning the meaning of simple math notation, shapes and sequences, and experiences with manipulatives that foster logical thinking.

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