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All children of the appropriate ages are welcome at Jean Lyle regardless of race, religion, gender, culture or socio–economic level. Families may apply for their child’s admission on the day of the parent visit. However, JLCC may give preference to children of previously enrolled families. Enrollment decisions also consider gender balance in the classroom.

The Board of Jean Lyle Children’s Center has determined that because local schools do not allow early Kindergarten admissions, JLCC students must be:

•  3 years old (3 Day AM/PM)
•  4 years old (3 Day PM and 5 Day AM)
•  4.5 or 5 years old (Half-Day Kindergarten)

By September 1 of the school year they intend to attend and toilet trained (including no pull–ups). We recommend that students have participated in ECFE or some other early childhood experience such as music or Sunday school classes.


Families who would like to enroll in our program and are transferring from another preschool, particularly mid-year or after the school year has begun, may be asked to provide an assessment from their current preschool.  A child visit to the classroom may also be recommended before enrollment.

Additional Requirements for Half-Day Kindergarten Enrollment:

Children who are 5 by September 1 of the school year they plan to attend receive priority placement over younger children. 4 1/2 year old children are accepted into our Half-Day Kindergarten program with recommendation from a preschool teacher. Kindergarten admission is dependent upon teacher recommendation and consideration of age, gender and developmental readiness for the program. Children may be asked to spend an afternoon in our kindergarten (to be scheduled in the late winter/early spring) to determine the appropriateness of the program for each child. Children new to Jean Lyle Children’s Center will need to provide an assessment from their current school. Maximum enrollment will be 18 with at least two fully licensed kindergarten teachers.



All families who wish to enroll in Jean Lyle Children’s Center must first tour the facility, without children, before being eligible to register. Tours are conducted throughout the year, typically during the months of October, November, February and March. Once a tour is completed, you may fill out a registration form.


Space is available on a first–come, first–served basis, with consideration of readiness and gender balance (in some cases we may need to schedule a visit with the child to determine readiness). Priority is given to current and former families. If there is no space available, you will be placed on a waiting list. Placement priority for new families is generally based on the time of your visit (first come, first served), although consideration is also be given for gender and readiness.

No one will be placed on a class list or waiting list without visiting the school and submitting a registration form.


Current and Returning Jean Lyle Children’s Center families must submit a registration form as early as September of the year before enrollment. The registration deposit is due NO LATER THAN January 25th of the enrollment year for 3 Day and 5 Day Programs. Kindergarten registration deposit is due NO LATER THAN February 1st of the enrollment year. Current and returning families who do not submit a deposit by these deadlines will forfeit their space. Available spaces will then be offered to families on a wait list who have toured the school, submitted a registration form and provided a non–refundable deposit.


Once your child is enrolled and deposit is paid, a school visit will be arranged for you and your child. These visits are scheduled in the spring (typically March and April) of the enrollment year.

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